October 24 – I AM – The True Vine

Read John 15:1, 5

Can you tell where your story ends and His begins? Is there a defining feature of your life where you can see the fruit of abiding in Jesus?

The eastern world thinks of things a lot differently than we do. They see things based on their function, not their form. Therefore, when looking at a tree that bears fruit, what they see is livelihood, prosperity, a future. When speaking of Jesus being the Vine and us the branches; He is who brings us life. Without Him we have no hope in our life, no honoring prosperity, and no future that does not bear anything worthy.

Think of the branch, it is an extension of the vine but it is not the vine. It cannot exist without the vine, and it does not bear fruit without a source, which again, would be the vine. Then there is God, the Vine Dresser. The one who sheds that which is unholy so that holiness can grow.

I often tell people that, when you abide with Jesus, you can no longer see yourself, but see Him. The choices you make come from the source of truth, that is Christ. The path you walk on, the example you leave, it all comes back to Jesus…not you. That is abiding. Being so much like Christ that you cannot tell where your story ends and His begins, because it is bleeding and weaving together.

Jesus speaks of when we are in Him, we will bear much fruit. What does this look like in your life? Can you see the fruit sprouting from your decisions and your walk because you are allowing the Lord to shed that which does not please Him?

Living a life of abiding in Christ may seem like either a daunting or maybe even an easy thing to do. However, no matter where you are in your walk, we all have surrendering to do. We all have growth to walk in and we are all still human.

Can you see it? Can you see the fruit that comes in and through your life because of what Jesus is teaching you, showing you, feeding you?

The pruning process is one that is quite interesting to learn about. The purposes for pruning vary. One pruning purpose being to change or train a plant’s growing pattern or to restrict growth of the unhealthy parts. Another purpose for pruning is to maintain or improve plant health or the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage.

You see, if we allow the Lord to cut off that which is unhealthy in our life, it brings more space for Him to grow us in areas we may not have known before. It allows Him to cut off that which does not help us grow into the man or woman we were created to be.

If you don’t see more of Jesus within your life, I challenge you to go before Him. Surrender and allow Him to prune that which does not bear fruit in your life so that He can fill you with more of Him.

Allow your lives to weave in His and His in you.

Kelly Lawson

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