November 15 – Red Letters – “Whoever drinks from the water I give them will never thirst again.”

Read John 4:13-14

“I’m dying of thirst!”  are the words we cry out as we wipe the sweat from our brow on a sweltering, summer day. Nothing quenches our thirst like a drink of water. Cool. Refreshing. Rejuvenating. Life giving. But temporary. We would be foolish to think that one drink will satisfy and sustain us for the rest of life. Absolutely not. It’s a daily necessity. We know that and she knew that. As she repeated the daily task of drawing water from the well, I can picture her confused and astonished face when Jesus told her that He had living water to give her so she would never thirst again.

With Jewish roots, she probably was familiar with the story of Moses and the miraculous way God provided water for the parched Israelites. Exodus 17 says that God stood before Moses on the rock, instructed him to strike the rock and water came out for the people to drink. She didn’t understand that the One who stood before her was both the Rock and the Living Water.

The source and the sustenance.

Come to the source, the Rock, the spiritual rock who is Christ (1 Corinthians 10:4) who was struck and afflicted on the cross. Out of that Rock flows rivers of living water for you and me. Spiritual life-giving water that quenches the thirst our soul longs for. He is the Living Water that sustains us because He becomes in us a well of water springing up to eternal life.

Once we come to the source of the Living Water and receive our life-giving sustenance, He wants us to joyously draw water from the springs of salvation (Isaiah 12:3) and be an evergreen. As Jeremiah says, we do not need to fear when heat comes because we will never dry up. Our life is like a tree planted close to the water with roots that extend into the stream. Our leaves will be green and we will not cease to bear fruit. We are a river to others, always flowing from the source of our salvation, the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

Are you thirsty for more than this life here on earth has to offer? Jesus pleads for you to ask Him, and He will give you Living Water. Are your roots deep in the stream of His living water? Are you an evergreen or are you looking more like a dry and brittle bush? Come to the water, the Living Water. He is the source and sustenance of life and we never have to die of thirst again!

 Charline Engle

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