December 2 – The Songs We Sing – “Holy Ground”

Read Exodus 33:18; John 11:40; 2 Corinthians 4:6; John 8:36; Romans 8:1-39

Listen to Holy Ground by Passion

In your time of worship, what do you see? Is there a visual that comes to your mind? Is there truth that pops out as the words fill your heart, mind and mouth? For me, it is a visual of walking into the Lord’s throne room and standing before Him, surrendering all I am and all I have.

It is my honor and pleasure and blessing to be a worship leader for our church. Every morning that I am on the worship team, I pray that the Lord’s will and truth shine brighter for all of us. That we can approach with open hands and surrender everything that is holding us back from being the person He has created us to be. I pray that we can go before the Lord, stand in front of Him, and remember the place where He met us, remember all He has done for us, and worship with the end in mind.

This song, you could probably say, is my heart’s song. The words, the truth it brings forth is a song that the Lord has used over and over again to remind me that He is accessible, that He has won this war. There is victory because Jesus changes everything from the inside out.

Here as we wait
Seek Your face
Come and make Your throne upon our praise
Here in this place
Have Your way
The moment that we see You, we are changed

Show us Your glory
Show us Your glory
In wonder and surrender we fall down
Show us Your glory
Show us Your glory
Let every burning heart be holy ground

Can you picture Moses? These words remind me, that when God shows up, nothing looks the same. That unlike ancient Israel, we are able to be in the Lord’s presence and not be struck to the ground by the power. He welcomes us in and changes our perspective, our wants and desires, and we become the holy ground He resides in to use as we walk this life.

Here, not by power
Not by might
But only by the cross we come alive
Here, we’re undone
By heaven’s love revealed before our eyes

We were once the walking dead. Then Jesus came and brought us back to life and disrupted our lives in the most beautiful way. With Jesus, we are able to see with hope and light in mind. We can see what is to come.

Chains fall
Fear bow
Here, now
Jesus, you change everything
Lives healed
Hope found
Here, now
Jesus, you change everything

 I think this bridge sets the tone and realization of the power that Jesus has.

He has broken the chains that bind us.

He has replaced fear with surrender, knowing He is in control and is good.

He has healed countless lives from addiction, loss, wandering and heartache.

He is our HOPE.

Listen to this song again and I challenge you to approach the Lord with open hands in surrender.

I challenge you to give up the things that bind you.

I challenge you to focus on the truth that He loves you and is good.

Praise Him for He is good.

He changes everything.

Kelly Lawson

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