December 9 – The Beatitudes – “Blessed are the merciful…”

Read James 2:13 and Luke 6:36

“Mercy me. Get a real job.”

These were the words of the grandma of Bart Mallard before he wrote the amazing song, “I Can Only Imagine.” He sings now in one of my favorite musical groups – Mercy Me. Was his grandma showing mercy or simply paraphrasing “Get your act together!”?

I don’t know but I like the song.

Mercy is another name for compassion or lenient treatment. Do you have a merciful attitude?

Jesus said to be merciful in Luke 6:36.

Another one of my favorite bands is Elevation Worship. I recently heard these lyrics:

“You take what the enemy meant for evil

and you turn it for good.”

It is from the song, SEE THE VICTORY.

Here is an example in the words of Nicky Gumbel, a Christian minister:

“Earl had far too much money. He did not need to work. He took all kinds of drugs, including heroin. At the age of thirty, he ended up in a hospital. Someone came to visit him in the hospital and gave him a New Testament. He was thrilled. The paper was very thin and was ideal for rolling joints. He rolled his way through Matthew, Mark and Luke. When he came to John’s Gospel, he started reading. As a result of reading the words of John’s Gospel, he encountered Jesus. He was filled with joy. The psychologist in charge of his case was a very beautiful young woman, who had been a model. One day she said to Earl, ‘Look, I have it all – success, beauty and endless qualifications – yet I am not fulfilled. Your life is a mess, yet you seem to have something – a PEACE and a JOY. What is it?’ Then he led her to FAITH in Jesus Christ. They fell in LOVE. Later they were married. Earl and his wife were great friends of ours at theological college in Oxford. His life had been radically changed by the words of God in the Bible.”

Mercy me, that is life change!

“Which do you prefer? Should I come with a rod to punish you, or should I come with love and a gentle spirit?”  (1 Cor 4:21 NLT)

I think it is uncommon to show mercy to others. But it is something that a Christian should strive for. (James 2:13). Tony Dungy wrote a book about it.

You can purchase a blue wristband that says DARE TO BE UNCOMMON from the Christian ministry of Tony Dungy. In his book THE UNCOMMON LIFE, Tony Dungy talks about mercy. The wristband is a personal reminder to be merciful.

Do you need a reminder?

Tom Weckesser

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