December 13 – Importance of the Old Testament – We Meet the God Who Created Us

Read Genesis 1:1-31

When you think of meeting someone important, do you think of how you might look and what you might say? One time, I was meeting some important people from my husband’s office for dinner. Oh, the agony of what to wear! I debated whether to buy something new, or just wear something I already had. Should I wear a dress or pants? What will we talk about? What should I order for dinner?  Maybe I just shouldn’t go! Funny how I don’t have the same anxiety when it comes to meeting God. I know Him. I know He loves me and wants me to return that love. He has revealed this love throughout His creation.

You can know that love, too.

I know God loves me because He has provided for my every need.  He created the sun which gives me warmth and light. He created plants and animals which give me things to eat.  He created water which sustains my body, as well as all living things. Not only did He provide for my physical needs, He also provided for my emotional needs. He gave me other people to live life with. God created days for work and days for rest, seasons for planting and seasons for harvesting. He provided order to the environment in which I live so that I can depend on its patterns and cycles.

I know God loves me because He, the uncreated One, created me in His image. I have His fingerprints on my life. He didn’t fashion me after any other animal or any other extraterrestrial being. He made me in His likeness. He saved that special defining attribute for humankind. There is a special bond that exists between God and humans because of this. The all-powerful God wants to connect with me and you. He wants to have a relationship with us, His created ones. I know this because God did not create mankind, then walk away. He desires our love and wants to lavish His love on us and call us His children.  (1 John 3:1)

I also know God loves me simply by the glorious world He has given me to live in while I am on Earth. I have had the pleasure of visiting mountainous areas, beaches, and lakes in several different countries of the world. The views were magnificent! As I traveled to a secluded island in a remote part of Canada with my dad, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the ruggedness and beauty of the trees and water. I found myself singing “How Great Thou Art.” I don’t remember starting to sing that song; it was as if my soul needed to acknowledge the Creator and the words poured out of heart. I can have the same experience on my front porch as I watch my children play and hear the birds chatter and watch my garden grow. You can, too. Just look around you. We have been incredibly blessed by a God who loves us.

Through creation, we get to meet a God who loves us. The extent of His love is immeasurable. When you take a moment to meet with God, the Creator, you will know you are loved. Acknowledge how He has provided for your every need and made a way for an authentic relationship with Him forever. You will not feel judged or like you have to measure up to gain His approval. He made you for Himself. Spend some time today thanking God for all that He has created for you. Take a minute to look around you and feel blessed by His creation.

Know you are loved by the One who created you.

Tammy Finney

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