February 13 – Meet the Team – Bria Wasson

Read Psalm 139:23-24; Isaiah 3:1-3

God was about to peel away the rust and debris from His people. He was about to shake them down until all they had left was nothing but all that they needed – the one true God. Then He would rebuild and produce beautiful and abundant fruit from the very core of who He’d make them until all that could be said of it was how good His work is.

That’s my story too. The time God peeled away the things I thought gave me support and security until all that was left was my dependence on Him.

“The Lord GOD of Hosts is about to remove from Jerusalem and from Judah every kind of security…” (Is. 3:1)

It’s a scary thought, really, having everything I depend on for safety and comfort pulled right out from under me. I want to live like everything I truly need is only ever in God Himself. So when I read these words a few years ago, I knew I needed to take inventory. Then I asked God to search me because I recognized that, whatever I leaned on apart from Him, would only one day crumble.

Not long after that, He used a routine visit to the dentist to start answering that prayer. That led to a host of unknowns including lost teeth, several surgeries, and expenses beyond what we could pay.

Until that day, my teeth had let me smile big and broad and unencumbered. They’d helped build part of my identity and provided the kind of security I had asked God to remove from my life. The fake kind. And He knew that a full set of teeth was no match for the security He brings.

The day the oral surgeon pulled out so many of my teeth, God pulled out the support I found in the way I looked. He used that time to get rid of the things that would never provide what I really needed.

He also used the extensive expense to pull me out of full-time ministry. That’s when He showed me the shelter I’d found in my list of accomplishments. Sure, He’d used the work I’d done and the time I’d given, but somewhere along the way, I had built a wall of security out of the significance I felt from the things I wrote, the women I led, the people I taught.

Those two years proved among the hardest of my adult life. Still, I would ask God to do it again because my relationship with Him is the one security that will hold forever, no matter what.

Are you ready to take inventory? Are you leaning on anything that will not last? Anything other than your relationship with God?  Ask Him to search you and He will. He will prove Himself to be the one true source of solid security that will last forever and will never crumble.

 Bria Wasson

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