February 14 – Meet the Team – Patricia Arnold

Read Philippians 4:13

My name is Patricia Arnold.  I was named after a singer who my Dad admired back in the 50’s named Patty Paige.  So, you could say my life from the beginning was based on music.

I was the youngest of 5 children so, I‘ll admit it, I was spoiled.  My grandma spoiled me, my mom spoiled me, my aunt spoiled me and even my big sister spoiled me! However, being the “baby of the family,” I was teased a lot by my siblings too so it kind of balanced out.

My grandmother played a big part in my upbringing since my dad died when I was 9 years old, leaving my mom, who was only 40 at the time, to take care of all of us on her own. We lived with Grandma and Grandpa from time to time to help with expenses. Grandma also babysat me while mom was at work.   Grandma was one of those people who, if the church doors were open, she was there.  So much of my connection to church came from her.

I met my husband quite unexpectantly while working at a fast food restaurant.  As of this month we have been married for 50 years! We have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.  I am a retired kindergarten teacher; my husband is a retired Jr High custodian. Our daughter and her husband are both teachers and our son in Florida is a pastor and an adjunct professor at a college.  Our grandson is studying to be a history teacher and his sister is thinking about going into education also.  At one point, even our dog was in obedience school!  So, you might say school is our life!

My favorite verse from the Bible is Phil 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Looking back at my life, I know without a doubt that Christ has been with me and has given me strength and wisdom to face the crazy and sometimes scary things of life. Like the time I found myself suddenly all alone in the ICU at the hospital paralyzed from head to toe on a respirator due to a reaction to a medication.  I repeated that verse over and over to keep myself calm and to not panic!  He was with me when we faced raging flood waters in our tiny car out in the middle of nowhere, and again when we had to go tell our daughter that her boyfriend at the time had been killed in a terrible car wreck in the middle of the night.  Christ has given me strength to do and face what seemed to be the impossible. Things I know I could not have done on my own strength.

Remember YOU can do all things through Christ who strengthens YOU, too, if you will let Him. What are you facing?  What looks impossible to you?   Lay it at the foot of the cross and trust in Him to give you the knowledge and strength to come out on the other side stronger, wiser and, best of all, closer to Him!

Pat Arnold

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