February 17 – Meet the Team – Tom Weckesser

Read Colossians 3:23

My name is Tom Weckesser. I am from Wooster. My dad was a Captain in the US Marines and my mother was a teacher. They raised me correctly. and I am very grateful. Their married life began in poverty but they changed that through hard work.

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University (B.S.) and Arizona State University (M.S.).

I met my wife, Birdie, when I sold her a Christmas tree while working for Dush Christmas Trees. We dated for five years before we got married in 1975. That was the best year of my life. We have 3 adult, married children – Jake, Katie and Mary. We now have 8 grandchildren. We spend a lot of time with all of them. That is part of our ministry.

I have been a high school teacher for 35 years and taught Health, Science and Physical Education. I was a varsity coach in boys basketball, cross country, tennis, girls basketball and golf. I was an assistant coach in football.

I now teach at the University of Akron where I have taught Fitness and Wellness, First Aid & CPR and Personal Health. I also supervise student teachers in high schools.

I was the Assistant Dean for a Christian church camp for high school kids for 20 summers with the Church of God in Ohio near Butler, Ohio.

I have been a high school football official for 26 years and basketball official for 15 years. I have coached over 400 high school basketball games and I officiated over 400 football games. It has been thrilling.

I try to live the philosophy of Colossians 3:23,

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for God, not man.”

It is my favorite verse. It helps me keep things in perspective, let Christ lead me and realize that what I do is for God and it’s not for men. Anything that we do can be a Christian ministry!

This simple verse is about attitude. Read the verse, study and memorize it. Apply it. So, whatever I am doing, whatever I am working at or participating in, I am not doing it just for the sake of doing it or just to get it done. Instead, my attitude is that I want to give it my best effort. I need to put my heart into it. “…as doing it for the Lord, not for man.”

Do things because God wants you to, not because people want you to. Treat every situation with great care and do it to your best ability as if you were doing it for the Lord. I am not really working for my boss. I am working for God.  When you start to do this, people will notice the way you act and treat others. What a great way to witness to others! Your actions speak what is in your heart.

Tom Weckesser

3 thoughts on “February 17 – Meet the Team – Tom Weckesser

  1. This series of getting to know staff has been helpful. I appreciate the effort to connect with those on the spiritual journey with me. I have wondered what each of these people do on the “team” if that is possible to define. I realize lots of people do many things……is there some specific area each of these individuals is assigned to do? Thank you.

  2. Judy,

    Thanks for commenting! Those that are on the writing team are mostly volunteers. Outside of just a couple, the rest are people not officially on staff at Grace Church but they serve and we are so happy to have them with EverydaywithGod!

  3. Mr. Weckesser was my health teacher in high school and one of my top 5 favorite teachers of all time. Our 20th reunion is this weekend and I was just reminiscing—googling some people I remember from those days. So glad to see this article and feel his joy —he was always a light. ❤️ I hope everyone is still well!

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