April 9 – Fear – Fear of the Unknown

Read Joshua 1:1-11

Have you ever looked at a decision, not knowing what to do because you don’t know what will come of it?

I used to be so fearful of making the wrong choice, a choice that is not in God’s will, that it debilitated me to move forward in any direction.

In our reading today, Joshua has a big decision to make and God helps direct him. He doesn’t give detailed descriptions of what is to come for Joshua, He just tells him to go! How often do we all fail at this?

I remember so many decisions before me and the Lord telling me, “Go and trust me!”. The biggest one was probably the decision to move to Ohio from Florida.

I chose Jake, knowing that he was called to Grace Church and I would be the one to uproot my life and move. I was so afraid before I was excited.

In Florida, I had a phenomenal group of women walking life with me and a great job. I was teaching the Bible to seasoned believers who had faith in my giftings. I led worship with friends who had tremendous giftings.

This was all I’d ever known.

As Jake and I dated, my heart for him grew and I knew that I was moving to Ohio.

The wonderful part of this story that looks like Joshua’s is that the Lord was going to honor any decision I made…I just had to go and trust Him. So, when Jake proposed, the excitement of what life in Wooster would be like grew too. 

It was hard to leave and it was mostly because I was afraid of what was to come. Despite my efforts, I moved with nowhere of my own to live and no job to walk into. The Lord used Dave, Julie and Jake to encourage me through that time. Then things started to line up and, though never easy, it was good. 

Here I am, with another phenomenal group of women to walk life with, getting to teach the Bible in the way I know best, discipling my son, serving on a wonderful worship team and in a job that the Lord is continually teaching me to rely on Him alone. 

Every choice we make may seem daunting because we have no idea what is to come. We rely on our own strength to hopefully get us through when we should be relying on Jesus. 

A very wise mentor once told me when I was freaking out over a decision, “When you are walking life hand in hand with Jesus, sometimes He just wants you to make a decision. He will honor it and, if it doesn’t become the best, He will guide you”. 

Allow this to be a reminder to us all! 

Joshua trusted the Lord when he had no idea what was to come. However, he loved the Lord and wanted to honor His Word. 

Are there some decisions you are facing, unsure of what is to come and the fear of not knowing is debilitating you to move forward? If so, let me remind you what the Lord told Joshua:

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Kelly Lawson

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