April 28 – Say What Now? – “March, Sound the Trumpet and Shout, and I’ll Bring Down the Wall”

Read Joshua 6:1-21

“Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

Jericho, Jericho!

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

And the walls came a tumbling down!”

If you have grown up going to church, you have probably sung that song a time or two and have learned about the miraculous way the city of Jericho was destroyed with just a shout. But have you thought about how much faith it took to complete that task? Joshua was a warrior. The people of the surrounding land had heard of him. They were curious and, according to Rahab, they were even afraid.  As Joshua got closer and closer to Jericho, the emotions must have been rising to an all time high. 

“How will Joshua attack us? How should we prepare for battle against him?”

When God revealed His plan to Joshua of how to take Jericho, it must have been one of those “Say what now?” moments in time for Joshua.   But he had seen how God had led Moses and was now leading him.  So, the only thing for him to do was to trust God’s leading. God told Joshua to “Be strong and very courageous”.

If this battle had been won in the conventional way, it probably would have just been added to the list of Joshua’s other victories. We would not be singing about it thousands of years later. This victory wasn’t a “Joshua thing”, but a “God thing.”

Can you imagine the gossip spreading throughout the town as the Israelites came and marched around the walled city in total silence except for the trumpets of the priest, only to return to their own camp? They did that for 6 days!  By the time the 7th day rolled around, the entire population of the city would have been curiously standing on the top of the wall. Then, when the wall was completely surrounded that 7th day, Joshua gave the signal for his army to shout and the wall came tumbling down. They had thought they were safe in their walled city that no one would be able to break through the wall and destroy them.

What seemed impossible became possible right before their eyes!

Joshua didn’t have engineers to figure out the weaknesses in the wall or if it was even possible for this to happen. But God knew. Even though it might have sounded silly and wasn’t how Joshua usually would have taken a city, he trusted God for his directions

Are you willing to put your complete trust in God’s plan for your life, even if it seems impossible? Are you willing to follow the plan for success that God gave to Joshua? 

1) Read the word of God and apply it to everything you do. Don’t turn to the left or right of it.  Then you will be successful. Have the words on your lips so you can readily speak them. You might not bring down walls to cities, but you will be able to bring down walls of fear, discouragement, hatred, and doubt. 

2) God repeatedly told Joshua to be bold and courageous, standing up for what is right even if it meant going against the popular thing to do at the time.  We are children of the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!

We need to ACT LIKE IT! BE BOLD!

Pat Arnold

2 thoughts on “April 28 – Say What Now? – “March, Sound the Trumpet and Shout, and I’ll Bring Down the Wall”

  1. In the context of Joshua, success means that they will thrive in the new land and continue to grow as a nation. It is common in the Old Testament for God to instruct Israel to do something with a promise of success if they follow through with it. Like with all of us today, there are many times where they didn’t follow His commands and faced the consequences.

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