May 13 – What Does the Bible Say About Prayer?

Read Philippians 4:6

Is there someone who comes to mind when you read the verse above? 

For me, it’s my mother-in-law.

Now, if you know Julie at all, you know that she is a prayer warrior. No matter what she is doing and where she is, she is consistently and constantly praying. Just today she sent Jake and I a text about praying for Emma, our unborn baby, and our family. On Sundays, you may see her walking around the church. This isn’t for nothing- she is walking and praying. Praying for the hearts that will walk through the doors, for the families and the kids that will come to Grace Kids, the volunteers who serve on stage and off, and she prays for our leaders as they teach us. 

I remember years ago as David was teaching on a Sunday morning, he mentioned how he loves when Julie is at home, alone, because he knows what she is doing; she is praying. I can attest to that as, time and time again, Jake and I would stop by in the evening, and we would always find her at her desk praying and studying. 

She is the greatest example of what Paul is telling the church of Philippi to do. She prays without ceasing; she brings everything before the Lord with a thankful heart.

I don’t know about you, but I want to grow to be that in my life, in my family. 

How does one begin, though? You may ask. 

I remember when I was discipling a close friend years ago, she was afraid to pray. She felt as though it had to sound profound or holy; but the more her walk with the Lord grew and the more she got to know God through His word, she became more confident in going before the Lord and praying. 

This is what I will encourage you to do. Get to know more about the Lord, about His Word and about who He says you are. Begin with just praying through what you are reading in His Word. This is something that Julie taught me. As she studies and reads, the Lord brings people into her heart and mind and she prays over those people what God’s word proclaims. 

The Lord and I connect a lot through music. The lyrics within the songs I listen to have always been important to me. As I listen to a song, I begin to worship and pray.

One privilege I have while serving on our contemporary worship team is the honor to pray what we sing over our church body, over this family the Lord has blessed me with and over my walk with the Lord.

Worshiping is praying. Praying is worship. 

Prayer starts with where your heart is. 

I challenge all of us to re-read the verse above and pray that over us. The Lord helps give us an understanding of prayer and that we do it with a thankful heart, continually bringing our lives before Him.

Kelly Lawson

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