June 6 – Wait, who? – Mordecai

Read Esther 4:1-17

If you haven’t stopped to read the story of Mordecai in the book of Esther, stop right now and read. It is an intriguing story with plot twists you just can’t make up. 

Mordecai was humble, and let others raise him up. He didn’t try to rub shoulders with those who would make him look good. He was honest despite the risk involved when he revealed a plot to kill the king. And when he was not publicly thanked, he did not seek the spotlight. Years later, when God brought about Xerxes’ sleepless night and his desire to honor Mordecai for his part in saving the king’s life, some may have been scratching their heads thinking, wait, who?

Mordecai became a leader behind the scenes. He led queen Esther as a father-figure. When he instructed Esther to take a risk and approach the king, he didn’t just leave her to face the fight on her own. He joined with her in fasting and praying and bringing others into the battle to encourage her. He trusted her to do her part and then followed through by doing his part.

God used Mordecai’s selfless leadership style to gain many followers. Mordecai was promoted in the king’s palace and found favor among the Jews throughout the kingdom. He didn’t earn those positions through self-promotion, but instead through humility and unwavering faith in God. In contrast, everyone knew Haman’s name. He was feared, not revered. He demanded respect instead of earning it. What is the difference between these two characters and how did their stories end?

What kind of leader are you? Do you want or “need” to be noticed and praised for the good choices you make in the course of your day? Do you seek the approval of co-workers and demand their respect? Or are you learning to be more like Mordecai who lets others elevate you and works to earn the respect of others by your actions rather than words?

Ask God to show you one way you can improve as a leader today and how you can continually fight the battle against pride in your life.

Tammy Finney

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