June 11 – Wait, who? – Elishama

Read Jeremiah 36:12

One of the greatest opportunities I have ever had was traveling to Israel and “walking where Jesus walked”. This once in a lifetime opportunity came at the culmination of a 10-month period of studying the Bible at the Great Commission Bible Institute out of Sebring, Florida. God used that time in my life to pull me close to Him. God was doing such a work in my life and it was highlighted by seeing the Bible come alive right before my eyes in the landscape of the Middle East.

There were so many “wow” moments that I don’t have the space to describe. Standing on the very rock where Jesus told Peter that He would build His Church and the gates of Hell, which many thought were below our feet, would not overcome. Standing in the ruins of a house at Caesarea by the Sea where we were told that we were likely standing within 50 feet of where Paul appealed to Caesar in Acts 25.


What does this have to do with our reading today? What even is our reading about?

We are focusing on Elishama who actually isn’t that interesting. He wasn’t a prophet, king or long-lost disciple of Jesus…he was a secretary.

Why is this so important?

What makes this obscure Bible character interesting is the extra-biblical evidence that we have for him – which in turn speaks to the historical reliability of Scripture.

In 1986, outside of Jerusalem, a clay seal was found that says, “Elishama, servant of the king,” proving that he was indeed a scribe in the exact time setting and situation that Scripture describes. This right here is evidence that all of Scripture is God-breathed, even down to the tiniest detail and seemingly insignificant person!

How do we know the Bible is true? Because it is proven to be accurate over and over again.

Second Timothy 3 tells us that all Scripture is God breathed and Galatians 3 proves to us that even every pen stroke is inspired by God and important to His message.

The fact that Elishama is mentioned in the Bible and we have hard evidence that he not only existed but served as a secretary, proves that the Bible is accurate!

What does this mean to you today?

My encouragement to you is to get plugged into God’s Word continually. If you’re reading this, I hope that you are subscribed to Every Day with God in order to receive daily content that is written with the goal of making you a more devoted follower of Christ!

As you read, allow the Spirit of God to touch your heart. How can you change? In what ways can you grow in your faith?

You can trust the Bible because it is living and active (Hebrews 4:12), inspired by God and has the power to change the very landscape of your life and eternity.

How can you soften your heart even more to God’s Word?

Jake Lawson

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