June 17 – Worship: The Golden Thread

Read Matthew 15:8-9

Have you ever done something where your heart really wasn’t in it?

I remember my senior year of high school basketbal,l playing in the district championship at Wooster High School. For reasons that I don’t have the space to describe, I was done. I think it’s safe to say my heart just wasn’t there the majority of my high school playing career. I simply couldn’t wait to be done and out of this season of my life.

During this championship game, we were getting blown out by the other team and they were shooting free throws to basically close out the game and my high school career. I look over to the stands and see my three best friends with huge smiles on their faces as they got their coats on, getting ready to play video games all night together, which we were planning to do if we lost. If your heart’s not in something, if you don’t have the backing of your soul, you’re putting on a facade.

This is, unfortunately, the case with many “Christians” today.

Our reading today talks about how people honor God with their lips. They go through the motions, say the right things, and appear that they are model believers. However, Jesus says that these kinds of people’s hearts are far from Him and that their worship is in vain.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speak for all of us and say that we don’t want that!

Over the next week, we are to be talking about true worship and the truth that it is the golden thread that keeps us united with Christ.

Whenever, I write one of these intro-type devos to kick off a series, I encourage us all to open our hearts and prepare to hear from God for the next several days.

Why is this important?

Speaking of going through the motions, if your heart isn’t open, you’re going to read the next several devotionals just to cross them off your to-do list. However, if you open yourself up to the leading of the Holy Spirit, there is no telling what He will convict you of and how your life will change as a result!

God, I pray for all of those beginning this journey with us. I pray that we would be able to spend some quality time with You each day in the midst of everything that is on our plates. I pray that You would quiet the noise, if only for a few minutes. I pray that we would all prepare to hear from You this week. I pray for conviction and a people that are dedicated to true worship that is honoring to You!

Jake Lawson

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