July 4 – Back to the Basics – Creation

Read Genesis 1:1 and Colossians 1:16

“In the beginning, God created…”

When sharing the Gospel message to the unbeliever, this is the beginning!  We so often overlook this important truth when discussing the Gospel, but did you know that this is often the truth claim that presents the biggest hurdle for believers and non-believers alike?  It’s important to focus on this truth, because without establishing God as Creator, the rest of the Gospel message just sounds like a nice idea, or a good story.             

The claim that God created everything explicitly states that He created it.  All of it. By Himself. More quietly, though, it implicitly states several other things.  I pray that by considering these out-workings of Creation, you are drawn to conviction and praise of God the Creator!  

First, if He created it, He owns it! God owns his Creation.  And after reading Colossians 1:16, there should be no doubt about how much of our physical world He is responsible for! God is the rightful owner of it all, which grants Him dominion over it!  Dominion means “ruling or controlling power”, which means He makes the rules, and all perfect understanding can be found in Him!  His dominion is the reason for the moral certainty of Christianity.  The scientific laws that govern our physical universe and the moral laws that are universally accepted in our society can be known and trusted because God is Creator!

Secondly, if He created it, it is good!  We know this because God is good (goodness), and God doesn’t change (immutable).  This means that God doesn’t stop being good for a moment in order to do something dastardly. If God is good, then there must be some other reason for things that we perceive in God’s Creation as not good. 

Lastly, if He created it, it ultimately answers to Him! This is perhaps the most difficult thing for sinners to accept.  The Bible says that ‘even the rocks cry out to Him’… how much more then should we?  If God created it, He owns it, we know that it is good, and we are compelled to accept His Lordship over all that makes up our lives.  For sinful hearts that yearn for self-control and self-determination, this can be difficult. 

As you ponder God’s creation, let us pray and consider the aspects of Creation that affect the Gospel; the bigger story about God loving us so much that He pursues us even to the death and crucifixion of His Son.  Science, culture, and even well-intentioned Christians debate methods, time frames, and specifics of Creation that are awesome things to ponder, and make for super interesting reading.  When boiled down, however, the ultimate implication of God as Creator is that He owns it, He is Lord over it all, and it is Good! 

When we see this truth properly, we can submit to Him with full confidence in our salvation.  Spend some time marveling at God’s Creation, and thanking Him for the complex beauty that makes up our world. 

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Craig French

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