July 24 – $ – Confidence in God

Read Luke 12:22-34

The Bible is to draw us into a relationship with God by trusting and depending on Him, not our ability and resources. The foundation of our relationship with Him is believing in Him with confidence and with that belief, being compelled to follow Him. With such an outstanding belief it can’t be compatible with anything other than surrender and a changed heart through the Holy Spirit (2nd Corinthians 5:17).

Many of the things we face today aren’t unique to our current times, but are much deeper heart issues that the Israelites dealt with in Exodus 16. When God first lead His people in the desert to teach and train them, what did He do first? Did He give them the 10 commandments, set up the tabernacle, make a covenant with them? No, after rescuing them from Pharaoh, He provided for their needs with manna and quail. Then immediately after in Exodus 17, He provides water and continued protection from the Amalekites. Yes, they grumbled against God, but He was patient. He was drawing their hearts in to slowly trust His provision. He gave them just enough food for the day because He knows we like to store things up so we aren’t dependent on Him. He even established one day where they were to rest before the Sabbath was even introduced. They had to trust their food wouldn’t be filled with maggots on the seventh day, as it would have been on any other day. He does the same with us because He knows how quickly we form idols out of what He provides (Exodus 32).

Today we have money to buy food, water, and security systems to provide and protect our families. It’s so easy to put our confidence, even subconsciously, in our money. Good things are the easiest things to create an idol out of. God doesn’t just want us to have freedom from debt, He wants us to have freedom in our souls from worshiping our own built-up security. He wants us to depend on and worship Him as our only hope. (Matthew 6:24) (Hebrews 11:6)

Luke 18:28 talks about how the disciples left everything to follow Jesus. Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is today still calling disciples to follow Him and give up everything, including our own security and independence for a new life (Matthew 10:37-39).

So, how do we make financial decisions that honor God and keep our confidence in Him alone? There isn’t a blanket 10 step process for everyone. The Israelites were proof of the need for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make a new way. The new way leads us to humble ourselves before God and lean on Him for daily guidance and strength, even moment by moment (Romans 8:3-5).

Spend time connecting in prayer and looking to know Him more through Scripture, without a specific motive. It has all sorts of benefits that people highlight like financial, relationships, wisdom but the only one that truly matters is knowing Him more. When we live by the Spirit, we don’t just have the right answers, we’re compelled to pursue the right things in our heart. The relationship we build with God is the most important thing and gives us true confidence that lives on for eternity (1st Corinthians 2:10).

Trent Oyer

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