July 31 – Foundation for Life Change – Full Life

Read John 10:10

When you think about living a full life, what comes to mind? For me it used to be thinking about all the things I wanted. The experiences, the stuff, the relationships, etc. All of those equal a full life, right?! What an incredible realization when I began to learn that a full life is not tied to any of those things. Does God care about those things? Absolutely! Can we still live a full life without them? Yes! A full life lived with Jesus is so much more satisfying than any life we can imagine for ourselves without Him. 

In John 10, Jesus tells us that he is the Good Shepherd. In verse 10, he says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they make have life, and have it to the full.” The full life begins when we surrender ourselves to the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for us. We all have an idea of what we think the full life holds, but when we surrender our lives to Jesus and allow Him to guide and direct us we know that His plan for us holds far more than we could ever ask or imagine. 

Every week at Grace Students our hosts open by telling the students that “Grace Students exists to invite you to the full life God has for you!” and it’s in the message, and it’s in our leader training, and it’s woven throughout everything we do on Sunday night and beyond. Because we believe that the full life is found through Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him! Everything we do flows from this. We want every student (and adult) who walks through our doors to receive an invitation to a relationship with Jesus, and the full life that is found through Him alone. Would you pray with us that this continues to happen?

What does it look like to live a full life? Are you living a life that you believe to be full when it really isn’t? My prayer is that you would begin to unlock the full life God has for you by surrendering yourself to Him, each and every day!

A full life only comes from Jesus!

Brooke Spengler

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