August 1 – Foundation for Life Change – Get in a Ministry

Read Ephesians 2:8-10

As a follower of Christ, it’s important to live out the full life God has for you by getting involved in a ministry. You may be asking, why is it important to get involved? The answer is quite simple, it’s important because God wants you to serve!

In our reading today, Paul says in verses 8-9 that our salvation is not earned by anything that we can do, but rather what God has already done for us. God gives us a gift of eternal life if we choose to receive it. When you receive a gift on Christmas or on your birthday, do you say, “Thank you for the gift! Now how much do I owe you?” As Christians, sometimes we can feel obligated to try and work our way to God even if we have already received him as our Savior. But the reality is that it’s not like that, instead of basing it on what we’ve done, the grace of God is the only thing that can save us. When we accept the gift of God, our response should be to show gratitude, praise, and joy to our Lord.

So, the question is, how do we do that? An excellent way that we can show gratitude to God is by serving and getting involved in a ministry. Once I started to realize the gifts and strengths that God personally gave me, I started to get involved at Grace by serving on Sunday mornings with Merge. Jesus gave me a passion for the upcoming generation, at first, I was a little nervous about going. I didn’t know if the kids would like me or even if my leadership skills were as strong as they needed to be. But once I started to serve, I forgot about those insecurities I had and didn’t want to miss a Sunday! I created stronger friendships with the students and while the message was crafted for them, I was learning right along with them!

In verse 10 it teaches us that God uses us to bless other people, one of the best ways to do that is by serving and getting involved in a ministry!

Throughout Merge and Grace Students, we challenge our students to get plugged into serving opportunities and I would like to extend a similar challenge to you!

You can text “FWC” to 3302649459 to get #forwaynecounty updates and serving opportunities in our community as they arise.

If you are interested in getting plugged into a ministry here at Grace Church, fill out this form:

Nick Muro

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