August 3 – Foundation for Life Change – Simple

Read Luke 2:52

The Bible is made up of 66 books, scribed by approximately 40 authors, and was written over the course of around 1,500 years. There are a lot of stories, information, and lessons to understand in just one single book. At the earliest age possible, we want kids to understand that the Bible isn’t just a book associated with Sunday mornings at church.

The Bible is how we can directly hear from our Creator and learn all that He desires for us to know!

Something I love about Grace Kids is that we get to see kids at every age, learn about Jesus and the Bible in a way that makes sense to them, which is an important value in our ministry. Everything we do, we filter through a lens of simplicity so that kids can hear it and understand it on their level of learning. 

Simple doesn’t mean that the lessons or verses are ‘watered-down’; instead it implies that the bottom lines and teaching consist of words, examples, and activities to help kids connect! 

We know that growth in knowledge is important as we grow up in life because the Bible teaches that Jesus also grew in these ways! In Luke 2, we learn that Jesus grew in wisdom as He grew in life and age. He also grew in favor, with His Father in heaven and with all men. 

Our prayer is that every kid in Grace Kids would do the same! That, as they grow, they would first understand who Jesus is, what He’s done for them, and who He’s created them to be. And through this relationship, they begin leaning into God in every way and serving those around them out of love! 

Today, would you take a moment to pray for the kids at our church? Pray that they would have curious minds and open hearts to what they hear from God’s Word. Then, ask God how you can best encourage or serve those kids as they grow. Maybe it’s a high-five in the hallway (because adults are cool!) or it’s jumping into serving weekly in one of the rooms!

Becca Harbaugh

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