August 4 – Foundation for Life Change – Safe

Read Philippians 1:6

Being a mom of two boys, I was excited when I was asked to lead our girl’s ministry at Grace. I was ready for girls in my life and it quickly became my favorite night of the week! 

SMM, which stands for Serving My Master, was a weekly group that provided an opportunity to connect 1st-6th graders with other girls, leaders and, ultimately, Jesus. Whether we were learning about our missionaries, making a craft, having a Bible lesson, or singing at a nursing home, the girls loved coming and they felt safe at church.

Grace Kids is a place where we can creatively lead and teach families towards life change in a simple, SAFE, and fun way. Every Sunday you will find our rooms clean and supplied with age appropriate toys and activities ready for kids.  SAFE includes a quick stop at a check-in kiosk for a nametag and secure pick-up tag for parents to use at the end of the service. SAFE also means wonderful leaders, who have had background checks, ready to greet and lead kids in a small group setting.  Time the leaders spend with the kids every week builds trust and kids feel SAFE when they can trust someone.

How incredible would it be if kids grew up knowing they are safe at church?

Would you take a few minutes right now to pray for the kids who come to Grace Kids that they would feel safe and cared for? Would you pray that the safe environment of Grace Kids would allow for kids to open their hearts to Jesus? Lastly, would you also pray that God would continue to provide leaders and that they can have spiritual discussions with the kids in their group?

Its 25 years later and some of those little girls I had in SMM are now moms with their own little girls and what a joy to see the love they have for their family and Jesus! There are other girls I am still praying for and praying they remember that God will always love them, and I will too!

Cathy Simms

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