August 15 – 5 – Faithful and Persistent Prayer

Read Luke 18:1-8

Maybe you’ve heard the story of D.L. Moody. He had 100 friends who didn’t know Jesus personally, so he prayed for them every day. Every day, this man prayed for his friends to find real life in Jesus, to see the truth and begin a relationship with the God of the universe. By the time Moody died, 96 of those friends had begun personal relationships with Jesus. And the final four of them responded to His truth at his funeral. 

That’s what God can do through the faithful and persistent prayer of His followers. It’s why Jesus told this story to His disciples that day.

God hears the prayers of His people. He listens and He hears. He never wants us to stop asking Him. Like the widow and the unjust judge, we ask and we ask and we ask yet again and He listens and He hears. 

I have some friends who need Jesus in their lives. They need His truth to soak in and change their hearts and heal their lives and turn their relationships toward Him. I have prayed for each of them. I’ve prayed for them by name. I’ve talked to God about their situations. I’ve begged Him to change their hearts, to show them how much they need Him, to make His truth and grace and love and mercy clear to them using whatever means He chooses.

For years I have prayed.

Still, they don’t know Him.

Still, I pray.

Because God is just and He hears and wants my friends to know and follow Him. If even an unjust judge who doesn’t fear God can end up granting a woman her request because she just. won’t. stop. asking, then the God who is holy and righteous and good can certainly do the same.

Are you praying faithfully for your five? Don’t stop! There is yet hope. Don’t give up. He will yet answer. So be faithful. Be persistent.

He hears you and He loves them.

Bria Wasson

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