August 16 – 5 – Burden for the Lost

Read Romans 10:1

Do you ever feel this kind of burden to share Jesus with others? Do you also have times where, along with the burden to share Jesus, there is a coexisting feeling of fear? We say that life change is an invitation away, but we don’t often talk about how some days the invitation part is the most challenging part about sharing Christ with others.

Here’s the problem: when I’m afraid and don’t share Jesus with others, I am being disobedient in my relationship with God, and letting fear win is just not worth it. Unfortunately, that goes for you too. It’s brutal, but the Bible doesn’t simply suggest we share the gospel with others, it CALLS us to. I could list endless verses that so “gently” tell us to GO and SHARE.

On my very first mission trip in 2013, I got the experience of leading someone to Christ and, since that day, my heart has had a huge burden for the lost and broken people in our world. When I meet new people, one of my first thoughts is wondering if they know Jesus or not. I begin to pray about what my relationship with this person will look like and how God is going to use me to bring others to him.

Trust me, I know it’s scary and challenging to share Jesus, and, if I’m being honest, sometimes I just don’t feel like it.  Often times I wake up in a “I don’t want to talk to people” mood. I know that it’s important to connect with people on a deeper level and be willing to share the gospel with them. However, it’s not always something that is my first response.

I am sometimes terrified of sharing God with others. I fear rejection, fear of changing our friendship, and, most of all, fear they won’t like me anymore. Here’s the thing: when they say “no” to me, they’re not saying they don’t like me; they’re simply not ready. In those moments, it can be discouraging, and I feel afraid to ever bring it up again. However, like I said before, letting fear win is letting Satan win.

So, I pray.

I pray for opportunities to share about my faith in the most natural and loving way possible. I pray and ask God to give me the words and strength I need to be brave and to boldly share Him.

Friends, it’s up to us to choose to move past the fears and speak up about who Christ is in our lives and who He could be in the lives of others, even when we don’t feel like it. I’m confident that Jesus didn’t wake up the day of His crucifixion, feeling like being beaten, yet He did it because He knew that doing so gave us a chance to be saved. Similarly, God uses our willingness to share the gospel as a chance for others to be saved.

Are you willing to fight against the fears and pray for opportunities to share the gospel with others?


Let’s go!

Michelle Perrino

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