August 28 – Missions Spotlight – Bekah Hilty

Read John 10: 7-10

Ministry: Engaging, Equipping, and Empowering women to make healthy pregnancy decisions and provide alternatives to abortion

Mission: The Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County

On March 19th at 3:27 PM we received a call from “Ashley” in which she said that she was 4 weeks pregnant and needed the abortion pill and needed it as soon as possible. The urgency in her voice was nothing like we had heard before. After 20 minutes of counseling Ashley, she hung up the phone abruptly because her friends worked next door to the Pregnancy Care Center, and she could not take the risk of them seeing her come in and know she was pregnant. Less than 24 hours before that call came in, the PCC had launched a new marketing strategy to reach more abortion vulnerable women. Since that call we have counseled over 15 women who wanted a surgical or chemical abortion.

John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came that we would have life and have It to the full. We like to replace the word full in that verse with abundant because we aren’t just Pro-Life, we are Pro-Abundant Life. We are committed to transforming lives physically and spiritually. The true Shepherd, Jesus, is the protector and promoter of life. The false shepherds take it away. The false shepherds pressure these women into thinking that abortion is their only option. They tell them that their quality of life will be compromised if they have a baby. These false shepherds seek to carry away the sheep.

Saving lives for this world is critically important. But saving lives for eternity is the most important thing we can do. Additionally, true and lasting transformation of those involved in making pregnancy decisions (moms, dads, family, friends) comes only through a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Pray: Please pray for the women who are desperately seeking to have an abortion. Pray for our staff and volunteers that we can speak the truth in love to these women. Pray that we can Engage with them, Equip them with accurate information, and Empower them to make a healthy choice for themselves and their baby.

Bekah Hilty

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