September 1 – Missions Spotlight – Nate and Luisa Harley

Read Colossians 4:3-6

Missionaries: Nate & Luisa Harley

Ministry: Making & Developing Disciples in Uruguay

We serve in a context where we need constant prayers for open doors! In light of the overall resistance to the Gospel, Uruguay has been called the “Graveyard of Missions,” with nearly half of the population identified as “non-religious” (highest in the Western Hemisphere).

The New Testament lets us in on a secret. Paul often speaks of this “mystery,” but the part he thought was of first importance was the resurrected Jesus being the first person to cross from lowly body – to death – to life in a new glorious body…and that those who love Him would be changed like that too, as a result. Throughout his letters, Paul gives some tips for sharing this incredible open door with others – here are two things to not be afraid of and two things to not get weary of. We’ll use Colossians 4:3-6 as a base.

Let’s not be afraid of our own limitations. Many would consider Paul the greatest theologian and/or the greatest missionary, but he often admitted his shortcomings and weaknesses. Here, he needed prayer to be able to articulate the message clearly (Col 4:4). He even expressed the need for God to give him the words so he could communicate without fear (Eph 6:19). Pray that God would give us the words and the reminder to rely on Him for the results!

However, in that reliance, let’s not get weary of learning. Paul encourages us to “know how to answer” (Col 4:6). So not being afraid of our limitations and relying on God doesn’t negate the need and responsibility to learn what we can. Pray that we’d continue to learn and grow in experience to know how to answer each individual effectively!

Next – let’s not be afraid of opposition. Paul says it is because of this message that he is “in chains” (Col 4:3). That was a very common situation for him. In most of our contexts, this extreme physical opposition isn’t our reality, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t experience opposition. Pray that we’d have the courage andpray for those who might oppose us!

However, in that courage, let’s not get weary of doing good. Paul reminds us of the importance of being “full of grace” when we interact with people (Col 4:6). In another letter, he says not to become weary in doing good, but to do good to all people whenever we have the opportunity(Gal 6:9-10). Actions of love authenticate a message of love!

Nate and Luisa Harley

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