September 4 – Missions Spotlight – Ely and Nikki Ducatel

Read Mark 1:10-11

Ministry: We serve multiple campuses within the East Ohio area. We provide spiritual support, missional training, and developmental programs to students, staff, and faculty that are advancing the kingdom of God on their campuses.

Missionaries: Ely & Nikki Ducatel

“Jesus was seen before sent out.”

In today’s reading, John the Baptist fulfilled prophecy by preparing the way for Jesus to go on mission with God to create disciples and to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Before all of this takes place, God affirms Jesus through the Spirit, Sonship, and Love. In this devotion, we’ll explore what it is like to be seen before sent on a mission with God.

“Just as Jesus was coming up out of the water, He saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with You, I am well pleased.’” Mark 1:10-11

Here are 4 God affirmations in this text:

1.“The Spirit descending like a dove.” The Spirit descended on Jesus as a sign that He was the chosen one and that ministry would only be done through the Spirit of God.

2.“You are my Son.” God established His relationship with Jesus before He was sent out. Jesus knew who He was beforehand.

3.“Whom I love.” God told Jesus, ” I love you!” Jesus knew that He was loved.

4.“I am well pleased.” Jesus had not yet started His ministry but the Father was already pleased with Him.

Although college students are sent to college, they may not feel seen. We want college students who come across InterVarsity on campuses in East Ohio to know that God sees them! When students hear that, they are surprised because they don’t think God has time for them. We follow that up by saying that, not only does God see them, but, more importantly, He loves them! God loved them before they were even born (Psalms 139). Lastly, God can only be pleased with them through Jesus. It is true of you too. God is pleased with you when you accept Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. I believe these God affirmations are game-changers for college students. This creates a safe space and a soft heart for college students to hear the Gospel message.

We have the privilege of creating spaces for many college students to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Please pray that God would prepare the hearts of thousands of college students, staff, and faculty to return to college campuses all over East Ohio. May they know this year that God sees, loves and desires deeper intimacy with them.

Ely & Nikki Ducatel

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