October 3 – Living Courageously – Live for Jesus

Read Mark 12:28-31

A man had a strained relationship with his neighbor. Whenever they would see each other they would shout at each other over trivial matters. The man was bothered by it. So, he decided to be patient with his neighbor by not raising his voice at him. It was difficult and actually practiced it at home in front of the mirror! He took deep breaths when the neighbor would raise his voice at him. The man was determined to have self-control, so he would respond in a very low and respectful tone, despite his racing heart.

The man then decided to look for ways to be kind to his neighbor. When the neighbor had to have his driveway repaved, the man offered to let the neighbor park in his driveway. He did! Then the man sent his neighbor a Christmas card with a scripture verse in it (Luke 2:11) as well as a lyric from a Christmas carol “let every heart, prepare him room” from the song Joy to the World.

Did the relationship improve? Maybe. Hopefully.

But the man was trying to live for Jesus and it is something you and I can do on a daily basis.

Being consistent in prayer is something that can help one live for Jesus.

We can serve others and can start by serving the ones we are closest to, such as our spouse and family. Serve by listening to them. Serve your spouse by intentionally putting their interests above your own.

We love others by being humble. Keep your mouth closed when you’re hurt so that your spouse is not wounded by your attack of words.

Check your ego.

We love God by studying the Bible daily. Which book in the Bible do you know the least about? Why don’t you and a friend start to read it and talk about what you read?

How we talk and how we live are keys to the Jesus that people see in us.

Love God by sharing His word. Share your story of what He has done in your life.

Prevent temptation. Jesus was tempted. (See Matt 4:1-11) While temptation is not a sin, we can resist and prevent it by what we think about, what we read about, what we watch, who we spend time with, the music that we listen to and where we go.

Be consistent in attending church. Go with neighbors, go with people you love or go by yourself. Just be there!

Put God first (See Exodus 20:3). He wants to be your number one priority.

Love God by living for him. Your audience is one: Jesus.

Love people as you would want them to love you.

Love others by developing loving relationships with both believers and nonbelievers.

Love God by remembering that you are free from your past. (See John 8:36).

How do you love God and how do you love others? I challenge you to grow in these areas starting today!

Tom Weckesser

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