November 2 – Miracles of Jesus – Severed Ear

Read Luke 22:50-51

If I’m being honest, I might have cheered Peter on in that moment. Maybe even joined him in the revolt? If I had seen the miracles. If I had followed the call to leave all that I knew to serve Christ and be among one of His closest friends. Then a posse of government officials comes to arrest Him with a charge that would lead to execution… Yes, I would have defended my Lord. I would’ve gone down swinging.

And yet, this is wrong.

Jesus answered, “No more of this!” Christ did not (and continues to not) need a defender. He does not need justice. He IS justice. His will within this moment was beyond Peter’s (and my) own understanding.

After putting a stop to the revolt, Jesus touches the wound where the ear once was and it was healed! This wasn’t what Jesus wanted. This wasn’t the point He was trying to make.

How often do we try to take control when it’s not our job? I take so much pride in being reliable to get the job done. I enjoy the process of exceeding expectations. In a world that seems to be forgetting foundational work ethic and perseverance, I have felt a call of action to be an example (to my children, my family, my friends, my church) of a man who runs toward the giants, not away from them.

But for some of us, the hardest thing the Holy Spirit can ask us to do is “to not run”. To not charge at the opportunity set before us. It sounds so counterintuitive but, in this season, I know God is teaching me to sheath my sword. The greatest act I can currently do for Him is to learn to not “overreact”.

What made a great warhorse? A broken one. Bucking broncos are fun to watch but on a battlefield, their strength is useless. A broken horse will both stop on a dime at the slightest tug of the reins and will also run straight down the side of a cliff full force with a flicker of the heel.  With this analogy, Psalms 51:17 reaches new depth: “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.”

What area of your life do you need to give over to the Lord? Is there something in your life that you’ve been fighting, but now realize, God is calling you to go straight through?

Oh, to be strong but broken for you, Lord. If you agree, let’s pray:

“Lord, I ask forgiveness for making your will fit the construct of my will. I see that my best choice is not always based upon what I do, but what I restrain myself from doing. I will not be a distraction to the kingdom. May my unbridled actions never prevent the perfect story you are telling in the lives of those around me. I take a moment right now and am willing to ask… Lord, show me the areas I am allowing my emotions to be louder than You.”

Nate Torrence

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