November 3 – Miracles of Jesus – Another Catch of Fish

Read John 21:1-14

Not everything in life goes as we would have hoped or planned. 

When someone goes out fishing, they do not plan on coming home empty handed.  They plan on coming home with some fish to eat.  There were disciples of Jesus who were fisherman by trade: Peter, Andrew, James and John (one third of the twelve disciples) prior to following Jesus.

So, after the crucifixion, resurrection and Jesus appearing to His disciples, Peter decided to do what he and a few of the others were familiar with; go fishing.  Several of the others joined Peter to go fishing at night, which was typically when a professional fisherman would go out with the intention to return with a fresh catch to take to the market.  Peter knew what he was doing.  Fishing was his business, his profession.

As we read in John 21 we see that their fishing trip was unsuccessful.  They were fishing all night and had nothing to show for their efforts.  This is reminiscent of Luke 5 when Peter was out fishing and came back empty handed, only to have Jesus tell him to go out again.  Taking his boat out and obeying Jesus, he hauled in a great number of fish. 

So, the disciples are out fishing about a hundred yards away from the shore when Jesus calls to them from the shore, asking them if they had caught anything.  They did not know it was the Lord at that time.  But He called out to them again to cast their nets to the right side of the boat and they would catch some fish. 

Keep in mind, these are professional fisherman.  This is not their first time on the Sea of Galilee.  Peter and the Sons of Zebedee were familiar with how to catch fish.  They had their nets out all night with nothing to show for it, yet they listen to the suggestion of the call from shore to move their nets to the other side.   And the result was a catch so large that they could not pull it in due to the number of fish.  John even gives us the exact number of their catch – 153!

Peter realizes it is the Lord who just performed another miraculous catch.  Notice what Peter does next.  He puts on his outer garment and jumps in the water.  Typically, when someone takes a plunge to swim, they take off the outer garment.  But Peter, ashamed and humbled, covered himself.  He was embarrassed for he had recently denied the Lord, so much to be ashamed of, yet he dove in and swam with all his might to get to the shore as quickly as he could to see Jesus. 

Jesus was not done with Peter.  Yes, Peter had sinned; he had forsaken and denied the Lord.  But Jesus showed him miraculously again that he was calling Peter to follow Him, just as He had done previously.  Jesus was still providing the catch and He wasn’t done with Peter. 

They were just getting started!

In what area(s) of your life has Jesus given you a second chance? Do you ever feel like you have shamed Jesus so much that He has given up on you?

That’s not the case!

I challenge you to surrender your sin, regret and pain to the Lord and seek His forgivness.

He isn’t done with you yet…not even close!

Nate Mills

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