November 5 – Miracles of Jesus – Walking on Water

Read John 6:16-21

My daughter used to hate storms. The cracks of thunder. The heavy swaying trees. It was enough to send her into our bedroom time and time again. But, within the worst of those storms, her terror quickly doubled down as her mothering instincts also set in. You see she had 2 pet bunnies that were housed outside…and, if the tornado sirens were blaring, I would find myself trudging on a water-logged rescue mission to get Dottie and Ginger to safety.

I was never welcomed very kindly by those bunnies. They would kick me like a speed bag. But in the end, it was always worth the giant hug I would receive from my little girl. She sure loved those bunnies.

While reading today’s passage, I saw a parallel to my own story. Both about a child asking a father to save those they loved from a storm. But also, what stuck out to me was when the Scripture talks of the fear those men felt as they saw Christ coming to save them. I couldn’t help but remember the fear in those bunnies’ eyes as I approached them in the downpour.

How often, when we are in the midst of chaos, do we choose self-protection rather than opening our arms to the Father? We will huddle in the corner and kick with all our might because storms are scary. It’s hard to trust the idea that the Holy Spirit is actually on its way to supernaturally save us from our circumstances. How foolish and naive to not hide and take shelter from the storms. But faith tells us, we will never find peace in the boat.

Peace is out there.

It’s within the storm.

Peace walks upon the waves and beckons us to have the faith to stand up and stare that storm down (In Matthew, this would be the moment where Peter would have run out on the water toward Jesus).

My daughter is older now and a few months ago she turned to me and said: “You know, I don’t mind thunderstorms as much. I even like to listen to the rain now.” What a difference a little life experience can make.

If you are in a storm right now, I pray you can find your feet once more. That you will lean over the rail, face the darkness and search for the miracle that is on its way. No matter the size, I can promise peace within it and that it will pass at some point. My goal and prayer is that one day, I might even learn to enjoy the sound of the rain as I wait for my Dad’s arrival.

Nate Torrence

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