November 11 – Miracles of Jesus – Bartimaeus

Read Mark 10:46-52

Dear Jesus,

I’ve been reading about some of the miracles you did while you were on earth so many years ago. I’m particularly intrigued by the story of You and Bartimaeus, the blind beggar from Jericho. 

The gospel book Mark wrote seems to focus a lot on Your humanity and the way You are both Jesus the man and Jesus the God we worship. I even read somewhere that the way Mark wrote seems to highlight the way You “redefined glory and greatness as humble and sacrificial service” (Introduction to Mark, The Abide Bible, Thomas Nelson Publishers). So, I can’t help but wonder if the fact that You, surrounded by that crowd of people, not only noticed but stopped and took the time to ask this lowly beggar sitting alongside the street where You walked? Did You choose this man specifically to help us know how much You value humility? 

I love it so much, Jesus, because the people who were walking with You were trying to get him to shut up. But You heard his cry and You stopped in Your tracks, called him over and asked him what he wanted. Did You already know? I can’t help but wonder.

Why did You ask him?

And, Jesus, how did his faith make him well? I’ve noticed that this is not the only time You said that, “Your faith has healed you.” So, I am curious . . . did You use his faith along with Your power to heal him? How come sometimes You used people’s faith and other times, You chose to just heal people or perform a miracle?

Finally, Lord Jesus, I am dying to know how long Bartimaeus stayed with You. Mark wrote that, as soon as he could see, he started following You on the road. It makes me think of when You gave me this new life, this freedom from shame and guilt. You worked a miracle in my life when You forgave my sins and made me truly alive, and I started following You. Jesus, I hope I get to meet Bartimaeus someday in Heaven.

Well, thanks for taking the time to oblige my curiosity. But even more, thank You for showing me how much You loved a poor and lowly beggar who had nothing to offer but a cry for mercy. You loved him enough to start a friendship with him even before You healed him. It gives me hope to know that I, being so much like that poor and needy man, was noticed and wholly loved by You, the God of the whole universe. I pray that those reading this note will show such compassion to those around us as you did to Bartimaeus.

With love and so much gratitude,

Your Daughter,

Bria Wasson

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