November 19 – Prayer for my Kids – Hunger for the Word

Read Psalm 119:9-16

There is so much pressure on you as a parent. You are crafting the mind and heart of a child and teaching them how to live and make sense of this world.

At the time of this writing, I am 29 years old and I still am learning from my parents. Their wisdom is unparalleled. They are the people who crafted my mind and heart into what it is today and taught me how to make sense of this world. Now, I have a son of my own and I am teaching him how things work and why certain things happen. I want Mattie to always be able to come up to Dad and ask about anything.

However, I want him, one day, to value his Heavenly Father’s opinion more than his dad’s.

I want both Mattie and Emma to have a hunger for the Word of their heavenly Father. I hope they understand that, while I love them more than anything in this world, I am human and make mistakes. I hope that, when they encounter trials in their life, they have a desire to please and honor God above me.

“With my lips I recount all the laws that come from your mouth.”

I recently remember a stressful situation I was in. I was trying to calmly operate through it but I could feel my anxiety rising, almost to the boiling point. I was seconds away from bursting out in tears when I could almost hear the sound logic of my dad in my mind, “Settle down. Take a breath. Handle one thing at a time. What are we going to do?” It was seriously as if he was there with me.

I hope Mattie and Emma internalize Scripture to the point that it comes out when they encounter real life situations. I hope that they will hear the voice of their heavenly Father in their heart and they follow His guidance.

So much in this world is based off human logic and emotion and not that of God. I earnestly pray that Mattie and Emma aren’t dragged away into this way of thinking. I pray that they would see through the cloud and see the light of truth.

Pray that your kids have a hunger for God’s Word. In what way are you crafting their hearts and minds and teaching them how to make sense of this world? Are you pointing them to Christ? Do they see the authority of Scripture?

Talk about being for the next generation! What if the next generation understood the authority of Scripture and held it in high regard? What if they based their lives and decision making off of its content?

That’s a next generation that is bright.

Jake Lawson

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