November 27 – 10 Commandments – Steal

Read Exodus 20:15

Looking back on my childhood, one of the things that I am most grateful for is that we were raised modestly. We didn’t have all the newest toys and gadgets but we always had what we needed. Sure, there were times where I wanted to get my hands on the newest PlayStation that my friends had or a smartphone when I still had a “dumb phone”. However, I never allowed those thoughts to resonate too much because there was a certain peace with being content.

That way of thinking has continued to be present as I have continued to grow older. When the new PlayStation 5 came out with a $500 price tag, I literally laughed out loud and said there was no chance I would get one anytime soon.

Every parent wants to give their kids what they want but, I would argue a better way of thinking and parenting is teaching and building contentment in the heart of your children and the next generation.

The command to not steal is another one of the “duh” commands through which we don’t need to explain much. We can all agree that taking something that doesn’t belong to you is wrong.

When you take the time to think deeper about the physical act of stealing, what causes one to do that?


When you aren’t happy with what it is you have, you begin to entertain the thought of getting your hands on a better version of your outdated version…and who doesn’t like something that’s free?

While we can all agree that we shouldn’t steal, I will take my challenge a step further: in what way can you grow in your contentment with what God has given you?

Do you need to think about the people who aren’t lucky enough to have what you do? When you begin to think about a “first world problem” that you have, think about the amount of people who would do just about anything for what you aren’t content with.

Take a moment and think about the things you aren’t content with and change your discontent mindset to one of gratitude. Many people around the world are happy with what they have and it turns out to be a fraction of what you do.

Thank God for what you have and pray about ways that you can show contentment to those around you as well as opportunities to use what you have to further His Kingdom.

Jake Lawson

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