December 9 – Open Letters – Grief

Read Matthew 7:24-28

Dear Storms of Grief,

What a broad spectrum of life you cover. You’ve touched many, if not all lives. Sometimes you sweep over me like a flash flood. Sometimes you creep in slowly like a thunderstorm… low rumbles bearing witness of what is to come. Yet, even the foreknowing of your coming does not lessen your impact. You take on many forms… the death of a loved one… a circumstance beyond our control. Different forms, yet, you remind us that life is beyond us, BUT NOT beyond GOD. I am actually (only a little) thankful for you. Because, when you enter the life of a believer, you remind them of the goodness of God. Just as the darkness makes the light’s glow much more apparent, you make God shine even more.

Matthew 7:24-28 talks about storms. There’s even a childhood song written about it, that I can so easily recall!

The wise man built his house upon the rock… and the rains came tumbling down… the rains came down as the floods came up… but the house on the rock stood firm! …So build your house on the Lord Jesus Christ… the blessings will come down as your prayers go up… so build your house on the Lord!”

Thank you, Storms, for teaching me that, even though you may seem to knock me down, in my heart I can stand strong on the rock of my Lord! And, Matthew 8:23-27 reminds me that Jesus Christ has power over the storms! AND, that He walks on stormy waters, in Matthew 14:22-32!

Thank you for reminding me of the power of God.

Thank you for reminding me to cling to Him.

Though some days I might wish I could control certain circumstances, thank you for bringing me to rest in the arms of God… tears, anger, confusion, exhaustion and all.

Thank you for reminding me of HIM.

Though losing someone dearly loved OR feeling life spin out of control are real feelings, the Truth of God’s stability is even MORE real. I can rest in TRUTH. I can rest in the knowledge that God’s “got the whole world in His hands” yet He knows the tears I cry and will hold me through them. (Psalm 56:8) In the end, to Him be the glory always!

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