December 26 – Gospel Readthrough

Read John 21:25

Today, Jeff Walter is challenging us all to grow closer to God and allow Him to reign supreme in our lives by reading through the gospels leading up to Palm Sunday (April 10).

If you text READ to 3302649459, you will receive a PDF of the 6 day a week reading plan along with an invite to our private Facebook group where we will be sharing our takeaways from each chapter reading!

In preparation for Matthew 1 tomorrow, it is important to share some context to the 4 gospels as a whole.

If you’ve read the gospels before, you will notice there are similar stories…many stories of Jesus appear, in varying detail, in more than one of the gospels.

Why is this? Why not just make one book with all of the stories in it?

Each of the gospels is an account of Jesus’ life and ministry, written from the perspective of 4 different authors. I have a study Bible, on which the first page of Matthew reads:

“The Gospel According to Matthew”

Matthew, being one of Jesus’ disciples, wrote down what he observed about Jesus – thus, the gospel or “good news” of Matthew.

I have always been in awe of our specific reading today. As John and other close friends of Jesus wrote down what they observed, the truth is that so much more happened than what they were able to write down.

How amazing is that?

How amazing is our Savior?

As we travel through the gospels over the next few months, we will pause on Sundays to review what we learned the week prior.

As you prepare your heart for this challenge, I pray that you would open your eyes to the words you are about to read. Don’t allow them to just be stories, but allow them to be challenges to you. How are you going to grow closer to God as a result of what you read? What changes do you need to make in your life and faith to become more of the person God created you to be?

I’m super excited to start this challenge with all of you! Be sure, if you have a Facebook account, to text in as described above so you can join in the discussion!

Jake Lawson

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