January 5 – Gospel Readthrough – Matthew 9

Read Matthew 9:1-38

Have you ever wondered why 4 books of the Bible go through the same timeline? Speaking of the gospels, we’ve got four books written by four different men. Three of the four were disciples of Jesus and one came after, so intrigued that he went and studied Jesus by talking with the people who lived life with Jesus. When looking at each of the gospels, we can see four different perspectives. Matthew focuses on the words of Jesus, Mark on the works of Jesus, Luke brings about His life in chronological order and John looks at the conflict that He faced. 

Here we are in Matthew. One of the biggest themes we see in what Jesus says is the faith of those around Him. From the first encounter when He got back home, calling Matthew to follow Him, raising the little girl, to healing the woman and the blind. 

The thing that sticks out the most is the faith that all of these people had in Jesus. 

Have you had a faith check recently? 

In what is going on around us, it is hard to keep the faith. It’s hard to keep the kingdom perspective while living in a not so biblical worldview. 

The one part in chapter nine that I always like to reflect on is that of the woman who bled. Her faith was so strong that she knew she didn’t need Jesus’ attention, all she had to do was touch some part of Him and she would be healed. Her faith was so strong that she knew with just one small touch her life would change. 

How often do we forget that Jesus changes everything? From the very small to the very big. It isn’t because our circumstances change or “get better”, but it’s because we know with the help of the Holy Spirit that we are going to be okay because we know, we believe that Jesus loves us and is for us and makes all things better for those who love Him. 

The most recent example of this test in my life was when Jake and I miscarried our second child in August of 2020.

It was so hard.

The only thing that kept my heart and mind above water was keeping the Kingdom perspective in mind, knowing that our child was where they were intended to be. Knowing that God loved me and Jake, our family and our baby and had the best in mind for us. Did I doubt? Absolutely. Did I get angry? Of course. But…just as the woman who bled, I believed and still believe that Jesus changes everything. He was what we needed most in those times and the times to come and, in that, my faith grew stronger. 

Have you examined your life recently when it comes to your faith? Do you have the faith of Matthew who left his career and way of living to follow after Jesus? Do you have the faith of that little girl’s daddy who knew that Jesus had the power to heal? Do you have the strong faith of the woman who bled, who just needed to touch Jesus’ robe in order for her life to change?

I challenge you to examine your life. Examine your circumstances and allow Jesus’ power to enter into those situations and change your perspective.

Kelly Lawson

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