February 1 – Gospel Readthrough – Mark 4

Read Mark 4:1-41

At our house we have a bay window that faces the East and so it is a great place to keep our house plants.  One plant I have there is a cactus.  It had been there for several years and I really hadn’t thought much about it until last summer. One day I went to water it and there it was totally bent over, looking like it was about to break in two. 

I really didn’t know why it was bent like that or what to do to help it. I watered it and gave it a little turn.  The next couple of days I noticed that it started to actually turn its self almost like it was turning to look out the window. I turned it again and the same thing happened.  Little by little, through carefully turning it every few days and it seeking the sun, over several weeks it started to straighten up.  Finally, after a couple of weeks it had the strength to stand up straight and tall the way God intended it to be.

Faith, like plants, once the seed of the gospel is planted, will start to grow. However, unattended and not in the light of the SON, can quickly wither and die.   Some people think “I’ll “water” my faith every once in a while, by attending church occasionally or listening to gospel music and I’ll be good to go!”  Then before they know it they find they have turned away from the light in their lives they once had.    They have doubts or fall into their old habits that aren’t very Christlike and find themselves bend over with pain and ready to break! They long for the SON in their lives once again.

Unless they aren’t fed daily and methodically turned towards the Son again and again they find themselves painfully seeking help in a dark place.

Maybe that is someone you love. It is not enough to just say you’ll pray for them. You need to invest some time in their lives and keep turning them back to face the Son

Maybe that person is you!  Just like we flock to the beach in the summer to soak up the SUN we should be flocking to the Bible to soak up the SON and basking in His light.  Daily talking and walking with Jesus, not just asking for things but delighting in His goodness and being thankful for what you have and what he has brought you through is the key.  Strength comes from basking in His love for you just as you would on that warm summer beach.

Do you delight in the light of the SON?  Do you seek Him every day?   He loves you and delights in spending time with you. Seek Him. 

He is only a prayer away!

Pat Arnold

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