February 5 – Gospel Readthrough – Mark 8

Read Mark 8:1-38

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”  

Mark 8:36

“You can’t get to heaven on the

things you’ve bought.”

Mac Powell

The chase. There are many things that we are chasing. Only one person is needed. We are chasing ways “to stay safe.” We are chasing “the dream.” We are chasing money and material things. We are chasing the perfect body. We are chasing approval! Having a wad of cash, a fabulous estate of location-location-location and lots of status doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’ve gone to your final address without The King of Kings.

“Is anything worth more than your soul?”

Mark 8:37

And then, in the middle of your busy-ness, you awaken to find yourself in the no-man’s land where Christ does not live and life is not found. Is it worth it to lose our life, our soul (eternal life) and our purpose chasing after what does not last?

“Rich young man You think you can,

Make it through the world On the things you’ve got.

I’ll tell you, I know it’s true You can’t get to Heaven

On the things you’ve bought, no.

They’re gonna leave you, They’re gonna fade away.

What good is it for a man To gain the whole world And to forfeit his soul?”

WHAT GOOD? A song by Third Day

How exactly does it profit a person in the long run, if he denies Christ – and His Gospel?

If he could gain the whole world; and if that could be possible! To gain money, safety, security, an attractive body, approval of others, satisfaction, the latest trend, happiness…

and lose his own soul which is immortal and will last forever – when the world, and its glory pass away. The world can only be enjoyed for a while, and that with a great deal of setbacks and deterioration; but the soul continues forever; and if it is lost and damned, its misery does not end, and the exhaust of it remains forever, never dying and it’s fire is never put out (Matthew 16:26).

Isn’t Jesus talking about possessions? It’s about stuff — money, houses, cars, boats, books, computers and business. Suppose your heart considers the worth of Jesus and then considers the worth of possessions — the joy you could have in Jesus versus the temporary happiness you could have in possessions. And suppose your heart is drawn to prefer possessions, which appears to be happening to millions (or more) of people. It’s a narrow road:

“Enter through the narrow gate.” Matthew 7:13a

Now at the end of your life, suppose you own everything — the world. Not just Amazon, Costco, Charles Schwab, and Tesla but all of it. It’s yours. You call all the shots. You own them.

Then what?    

Tom Weckesser

Third Day ft. Natalie Grant: “What Good” (31st Dove Awards)

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