February 11 – Gospel Readthrough – Mark 13

Read Mark 13:1-37

I’ve always found it amusing how quick people are to say that the world is ending. In fact, there are several occurrences where many people thought that the world was legitimately coming to an end. In 2000, people thought computers couldn’t handle the extra digit and a computer database crash would have catastrophic repercussions.

I distinctly remember, at 8 years old, being in my grandparents’ living room in Missouri, watching the ball drop and “2000” light up as the world carried on and everyone survived.

People thought that, because one of three calendars that were used by the Mayans ended on December 21st 2012, the world would come to an end.

The day came and went and everyone survived.

This isn’t the first time that people were expressing interest in this apocalyptic scenario.

In Mark 13, a few of Jesus’ disciples ask Him when the end times He was speaking about would come to fruition and what a sign would be to prove its validation.

Jesus goes on to explain, in detail, the destruction of the temple and the end times, as we know it. If you read closely the words in Mark 13, you may find yourself to be slightly nervous with a hint of anxiety.

Realistically, no one would want to be experiencing these horrors happening before their eyes.

What many people forget is that, as followers of Christ, we won’t have to.

When Jesus returns to overcome evil once and for all, He does so after what is called the Rapture or the gathering of believers past and present to Heaven. The words of Mark 13 and Revelation 4-19 describe events that happen while we, as followers of Christ, are in Heaven with God.

I hope that, after reading this, you can exhale a little.

However, we need to inhale again…

Just because believers past and present will be with Jesus and safe from harm, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be.

There will be those who choose not to accept Jesus as their Savior. There are going to be people who breathe their last breath living life on their own accord.

Not all of us have the spiritual gift of evangelism but that shouldn’t excuse us from ever sharing our faith.

My challenge I have for you and myself is simple:

Share your faith.

Who do you know that needs to give control of their life to Jesus? What steps are you going to take in order to present the good news of Jesus to them?

Ultimately, nothing we will say will ever take someone from death to life. It’s only from the softening of their heart and the power of the Holy Spirit that this will ever happen.

How are you praying for the lost around you?

May our hearts break for those apart from Christ and may we be burdened for their eternal destination.

Jake Lawson

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