February 12 – Gospel Readthrough – Mark 14

Read Mark 14:1-72

We see in this chapter it was getting to the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  Things were getting intense.  The church leaders were testing Jesus at every move and Jesus was even talking about His own death.  During intense times, people’s real beliefs, motives and fears come out.  In this chapter, three distinct kinds of followers of Jesus can be found. Let’s take a closer look at them and see if you can find yourself among them.

First there was Judas. 

We don’t know much about him except he was a disciple.  Jesus had chosen him to be one of the 12.  He had been with Jesus for most of the 3-year ministry and had seen all the miracles and events. However, Judas had his own agenda for what HE thought Jesus’ ministry should look like.  He expected Jesus to come charging in with a great army and take over the oppressive Romans and, when he saw that that was not happening, he took matters into his own hands. To the point of actually turning his back on Jesus and selling Him for 30 pieces of silver.

Do you know anyone like that? They are Christians, go to church, maybe even volunteer for things but they have their own ideas of who Jesus is and what He wants for their lives.  This follower prays for things, but, when it doesn’t happen the way THEY think it should, they take on a negative attitude about anything that has to do with God.

They might even try to take matters into their own hands which never turns out right.  Do you know someone like that? 

Could that someone be you?

Next there is Peter. 

Like Judas, Peter had been a loyal follower for 3 years. Jesus even told him that He was going to build His church upon him and his faith. However, when facing his own physical harm and pressed to stand up for Christ, he caved and denied Him completely.  

Do you know anyone like that? They go to church every week, maybe even lead a group. But outside of the church where the people around them have false ideas and beliefs about Christ, where they might be mocked or might need to defend Christ, they deny knowing Him for fear of being shunned. Do you know someone like that? 

Could that someone be you?

Then we have the woman with the oil.

 She has seen Jesus work in her life.  She is willing to risk everything for Him.  She doesn’t let the jeers and scoffing of the people around her make her lose her focus on Christ.  She cherished her one-on-one time with Him.  Do you know someone like that? 

Could that someone be you?

What type of follower are you?  Are you willing to risk everything for Christ or do you need to lay yourself at His feet and ask for forgiveness?   

He is waiting.   

It’s never too late!

Pat Arnold

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