February 18 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 3

Read Luke 3:1-38

When I think of a wilderness, a picture of a desert comes to my mind.  Nothing to see for miles and miles.  No vegetation, no houses, no people, therefore no help and no hope.

John the Baptist was the voice “crying in the wilderness”, both figuratively and literally!  Though he was living in the physical wilderness wearing sack cloths and eating locust, he could see the spiritual wilderness that the people around him were living in.  He was a voice of life in a world of lost people without hope. The religious leaders had become so elite that they couldn’t see the plight of the common people. By piling on more and more rules and regulations, they were driving people further away from God instead of towards Him.

Who could a regular person turn to for guidance?

John could have been dismissed as a crazy person and I am sure many people thought that but something about him drew people to him.  His messages must have been refreshing to the thirsty souls of those who heard him.

John had a mission from God to guide the blind people out of the wilderness and bring them into the light of Jesus. He withstood ridicule and mocking, but he did his mission with boldness and confidence.    

John’s mission didn’t stop with his death. 

It is up to us to continue what he started.  Today the news is full of reports of people living on the streets, homeless and hooked on drugs. Young people are joining gangs and committing crimes, longing for a sense of belonging.  People of all ages and economic status are committing suicide. They don’t know where to turn for help.  They are wandering around in their own “wilderness” right in front of us and in plain sight without hope. 

Will you step up?

Who do you know who seems to be wandering aimlessly through life?   Maybe it is a friend, or a family member, or a complete stranger.  Are you bold enough to step out of your comfort zone, to spend time getting to know them and then introducing them to the One who will take them by the hand, walk with them through everything life has for them with hope not hopelessness?

God is calling you to action. 

Will you answer the call?

Pat Arnold

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