February 23 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 7

Read Luke 7:1-50

Have you ever read the “Jesus Storybook Bible”? If you don’t have kids, you probably haven’t. However, it is one of the best children’s Bibles I have ever come across. Now, it doesn’t have every single scripture in it, but what it does have are the big sounding eternal principles of the Bible and, at the end of every chapter, it points it back to Jesus – who He is and what He has done for us.

One recently that Mattie and I have read was that of Luke 7. The word humble comes to mind and not just humble in character but humble in faith. 

I don’t mean small faith, I mean soft faith.

You see, both the centurion and the woman who anointed Jesus felt humble amidst His presence. They knew who He was and had great faith in Him. The centurion didn’t use his power and take advantage of Jesus, just because he knew Him. The woman didn’t expect anything in return for giving all that she had when she washed Jesus’ feet with her only possession. No, what these two faithful people did was see Jesus as the King He is and, in that, wanted to serve Him and wanted to honor Him and His time. 

I have come across Christians who show off their faith. They seem to want everyone to see what they are doing “in the name of Jesus” or act as though they are holier than all other followers of Jesus because they have faith. 

I will admit, when I was in Bible school and probably a few months after graduating, I had a heart issue with this. I had spent 10 in-depth months in God’s word and all of that knowledge grew in my head to think I knew better or more than most. It wasn’t a matter of too much knowledge; it was a matter of my life wasn’t responding to reflect a changed heart. I was conceited in the knowledge I had gained and my heart did not gain anything holy because of it. Over the years, I have grown out of that heart issue and out of that pride and have grown into just responding in knowing God’s word with love, honor and humility.

Just like the centurion and the woman in Luke 7, we are called to walk in faith, not because of what faith can give or get us in this world, but because, in faith, we become more like Jesus. In faith, we are holy and, in faith, we learn what true humility is. 

My heart is that we walk forward, relying on the Lord to show us where we need to surrender in order to become humble. Where we can look at Jesus and see His Holiness and respond in faith of His power, like the centurion or pour all that we are and all that we have at Jesus’ feet in order to honor Him for who He is, our King.

Kelly Lawson

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