February 25 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 9

Read Luke 9:1-62

When Mattie entered the world on September 5th 2017, Kelly and I were in for a whole new journey. Mattie was born in the morning and we had a constant flow of nurses and family/friends coming in up until 8:30 that night when we were finally left to rest as a family of three. I remember holding Mattie in my arms and the weight of parenting hit me like a ton of bricks. I started full-on crying, thinking of the weight of parenting and that I had no earthly idea what I was doing.

How are we going to keep this child alive?

Mattie is now 4 and we also have a 4-month-old daughter, and one could argue we are still figuring things out. One of the best things we have experienced so far in our parenting journey is the community all around us. There are young parents everywhere who either are going through the same stage as you or those who have been through it.

There is one couple, in particular, that we have a great amount of trust in. When we are talking about anything parenting-related, and they say, “That’s what we do with our kids”, that’s good enough for Kelly and me. Their validation erases all doubt in our minds. We are confident moving forward because this is tried and true.

There are certain moments in life where someone trusted needs to come in and say, “Don’t worry, this is all okay. What you just heard is accurate information that you can rely on.”

I feel like this is what Peter, John and James experienced when Jesus was transfigured before them. This means that Jesus, for a moment, took on His heavenly form. At this point in Luke, the disciples were in the midst of some seriously weighty topics. Jesus had just sent out the twelve disciples, fed the 5,000, been declared the Messiah by Peter and just predicted His own death. It seems like some of those events could have caused the disciples to maybe question, “Is this is indeed the path to travel and the person to stake our lives on?”

When Jesus is transfigured, He is seen talking to patriarchs of the faith, Moses and Elijah. As if this wasn’t validation enough, God comes in a cloud and says simply:

“This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to Him.”

Now, if there was any doubt about Jesus being who He said He was after this moment…

As we all travel through life, it helps to know that we are on the right path. You may find yourself at a crossroads in life and you are asking God for some direction. His response likely won’t be as glorious as this chapter in Luke, but He promises to be near you at all times. On the other hand, we may be getting an answer from Him that we don’t particularly agree with.

Even when He feels distant and disconnected, He couldn’t be closer to you.

If you want to see if where you are in life is on the right path, compare your journey to that of Scripture. After all, Jesus is God’s Son and we should listen to Him.

Jake Lawson

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