February 26 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 10

Read Luke 10:1-42

This chapter is JAM PACKED with at least 3 great challenges for all of us… Let’s get to it!

Pray – Go – Celebrate!! (10: 1-20)

1st – Pray: Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. So…ask him (God) to send more workers into his field.” (10:2) Will you join me at 10:02 (for Luke 10:2) on every Saturday and pray for people to join the work of sharing the hope of Jesus? AND for people to choose to follow Jesus?

2nd – Go: “Now go…” Jesus’ next words in verse 3 are not…now go watch Netflix… Not at all…they are… “NOW GO…” That means we are to pray for the harvest and workers AND we are to BE the workers as well… This week, let’s look for people that we can share the hope of Jesus with.

3rd – Celebrate: go AND CELEBRATE (verse 20) that you know the Savior of the world!  The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Oh, you know who! (10: 25-37)

When you ask Jesus a question, you’d better be ready for His response. In verse 29 they ask: “And who is my neighbor?” And Jesus’ answer is powerful in the form of a story…the Good Samaritan. Samaritans and Jews hated each other…YET, the Samaritan put his feelings aside and offered to help. So, our neighbor, my friends, is the very person who may be exactly the opposite of us! The one we disagree with their life choices or viewpoints… And what does Jesus want us to do? He wants us to help “you know who!” The very people that we disagree with and may even wrong us.

STOP & LISTEN… you’ll be glad you did! (10: 38-42)

Luke brings us back around to the heart of it all at the end of the chapter…Martha was busy, busy, busy… So. Much. To. Do. But there He was… JESUS!  He was right there in her home…and yet, she was too busy to STOP and LISTEN…she was too busy to take time and sit with Jesus. Man, it is easy to come down hard on Martha… but you know what? Too often, I’m busy… doing this and that… running my kids around… organizing a program for Grace Kids… watching TV… getting stuff done around the house… being on my phone…and yet, Jesus is right here waiting for me to STOP and LISTEN… you’ll be glad you did!

A triple Challenge today!

  1. PRAY-GO-CELEBRATE: Every Saturday at 10:02, pray for workers for the harvest.
  2. Oh, you know who!: HELP someone this week that you struggle with at times.
  3. STOP AND LISTEN: STOP: Get alone for 10 minutes (Sit in your car for 10 minutes if that works!) LISTEN: Re-read this chapter and ask God to teach you something from the time.

Tim Boucher

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