February 28 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 11

Read Luke 11:1-54

Today’s reading brings forth so many ideas and lessons within it. All worth touching on but the biggest that sticks out is that of prayer. 

The most asked question I have gotten from many women I have mentored over the years is, “How do I pray?”. I always give them the simplest answer so that the daunting stigma of talking to Jesus is not there. I simply say, “it is a conversation between you and Jesus.”

One of my favorite definitions is that from my pastor in Florida, who Jake and I studied under while in Bible school. As we walked through Luke 11, he told us that the principle surrounding prayer is that of “exchanging my broken perspective for God’s Divine perspective”. It’s the idea that we walk into a conversation thinking one thing and walking away with a completely different idea. In this area, it is a big part of a new perspective through the lens of faith or “seeing things the way God says they are and not how our eyes see them.” 

Here, in Luke 11, Jesus is trying to offer a new perspective on prayer. Up to this point in their culture and society, the only way the Jewish people knew how to pray was within or on holy ground.

Here, Jesus gave them a new thought of prayer – He is not only discussing it as always available, but it is also extremely personal.

As I read through the gospels, there are many times where Jesus separates Himself from the crowd to be alone with His Heavenly Father. In these moments, I have full confidence that Jesus is going before His Father with one perspective and walking away with another. 

How often in this life do we lose sight of truth? How often in this life do we forget God’s Word or promises? 

Luke 11 encourages us that we are able to approach the throne room with all that we are and all we have.

One of the most recent times this has happened in a profound way was when Jake and I miscarried in August of 2020. When we lost our child, I went through every emotion under the sun. I was angry and heartbroken but I knew that there was another perspective. So I spent weeks within God’s Word related to this topic and the change we had just experienced.

What I gained from each moment with God was the eternal perspective.

Our child, our hope baby, was with Jesus, where they were intended to be. Knowing that our child was in the arms of Jesus changed the perspective of my heart and mind. I was able to celebrate it more with peace than with heartache. 

This is what prayer does: it changes our hearts and minds to align with God’s perspective. Yet, it doesn’t just happen or fall in our lap. We have to look through our “God Glasses.” We have to be able to tap into our faith knowing and believing that God is for us and has our best interest at heart. 

In a world full of brokenness and heartache, the Lord provides an outlet, like prayer, to bring us back to Him, to show us His truth and promise so that living in a broken world is a little easier. 

I pray that you take a moment to go before the Lord in prayer and give or surrender all that you need to in order to gain a new perspective.

Kelly Lawson

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