March 7 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 17

Read Luke 17:1-37

Have you ever tried to explain faith to someone? Especially someone who is not a follower of Jesus? Do you know someone that no matter what happens in their life or circumstances they remain steadfast in their faith?

Faith is probably one of the harder things to defend because it is not logical. Our brains cannot comprehend it and most of the time we can’t explain it. I think that is why Paul claims it as a gift in his many letters. 

The one person that I have learned to lean into the gift of faith is that of my husband. I kid you not, no matter what happens in our lives, he is the first to say “God is not surprised by this and it will work out because He is for us. We will be okay”. For the longest time in our relationship it was hard for me to trust those words, because I didn’t have the gift of faith. 

I began to understand that once we enter into a relationship with Jesus and our life begins to transform, by God’s grace our faith grows. We begin to see things the way that God says they are based on His eternal truth and not how our eyes, thoughts and emotions say they are. 

In my first year as a follower of Jesus, I thought that if I kept doing good or the “right and holy” things, that my faith would grow more. However, I later came to find out from God’s word that even the smallest ounce of trust in His word would be enough faith to move mountains. 

Can you believe that? Faith, as small as a mustard seed, can move mountains. What a powerful visual! 

As I lead worship, I often think of the power that we possess being a follower of Jesus. The power that He holds within us. I’m always moved by the fact and truth that we have access to the type of power that moves mountains because of Jesus, because we have the faith to see things as He says they are. 

The difference is we need to act on that faith, we need to walk in that faith.

If we continually see our lives and circumstances through our emotions and thoughts and shortcomings, we lose sight of what Christ has called us to. But, if we see things as God says they are and walk in that, we begin to see things in a new perspective. 

Where in your life are you asking God, “Give me more faith!”?

Where in your days do you need to go before Him and offer up even the smallest of faith, believing and knowing that He is in control and will work it all out for the good of those who love Him? 

I challenge you to observe your faith.

Do you need to spend more time getting to know who Christ is in order for that faith to grow to even the amount of a mustard seed?

I pray that you walk in faith.

Kelly Lawson

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