March 8 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 18

Read Luke 18:1-43

Our study today begins with a parable. A widowed woman begging a powerful but unjust ruler for justice. He finally acts on her behalf for no other reason than her annoying persistence. Luke writes that Jesus told the story to teach His disciples exactly that – to never give up, keep on asking God, pray with fervor and faithful consistency. He used the story to show that God grants justice to those who keep at it, who don’t stop praying.

Because if this unkind man did it, how much more would God Himself?

The widow’s persistence proved her desperation. She absolutely needed justice and the ruler alone held the power to bring it about. She knew her place and she needed his power. 

HELPS Word-studies defines the word prayer as an exchange. It means to “interact with the Lord by switching human wishes (ideas) for His wishes as He imparts faith.” (

So, when Jesus got to the end of His story, He wondered out loud if He’d find faith on earth. The faith God imparts when His people exchange their own heart cries for His. 

The rest of Luke 18 displays the point Jesus was making and by the time we get to the end, we find the God of the universe healing a persistent blind man who would not be silenced.

Jesus had asked at the beginning if “God (would not) bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?” He’d clearly stated of the Father, “he will see that they get justice, and quickly.” (vv6-8a) So when the blind man asked, trusted, believed that Jesus heard his cry for mercy even as His fellow travelers tried to shut him up, Jesus made good on His promise. He healed the man, gave him sight and told him his faith had healed him. The faith imparted when the man trusted Jesus and asked him for his heart’s desire.

Do you believe like the blind man did? When you present the desires of your heart to God, are you trusting Him to hear you? Are you looking to exchange your desires for His and let Him grow your faith as He does it? Does your persistence keep you there? Does He see faith even as you keep coming to Him, begging?

Keep at it. Don’t give up!

Bria Wasson

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