March 11 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 21

Read Luke 21:1-38

This chapter has an intriguing beginning seeing that the rest of the chapter focuses on the End Times!  As I have taken time to reflect on this chapter I wonder if this is included to keep us focused on the right things.

Think about it for a moment.

The writer, Luke, starts the chapter by turning our focus to a widow who gives all that she has to give (21: 2). The rich give out of their wealth, but this woman gave out of her poverty (v.4).


Her faith was so strong that she gave up all that she had. Luke is giving us a humbling story right out of the gate!

Now, jump to some of the final verses (v.34-36) and you see key phrases like, “Be careful…” (v.34) and “Be always on the watch, and pray…” (v. 36). Luke bookends a chapter on the End Times with a humbling story of the widow at the beginning and a sharp warning to be careful how we live and to watch and pray.

Now read the middle of the chapter (v. 5-33) as you think about your life because there are some scary things written in there. BUT THIS IS WHAT WE KNOW, if we are a follower of Jesus Christ, then we already know THE Way, THE truth and THE life and we can have hope! Although there may be challenging times, we know who wins in the end! 

Jesus! And therefore, we do too if we choose to believe in Him!

So, let us not get so caught up in the news of our time, but be informed as you watch the events of our time. As you do, let us be generous as the widow was with both our time and resources. Let us remember to be careful how we are living and where our hope is set…and that hope is set on Jesus! Then we can watch and pray so that we “may be able to stand before the Son of Man, Jesus.” (v. 36)

Oh…and do not forget how the chapter finishes… (What a finish!) “EACH DAY” the people came to hear Jesus at the temple…EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let us spend time with Jesus!

Tim Boucher

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