March 15 – Gospel Readthrough – Luke 24

Read Luke 24:1-50

I grew up during 60’s, so I got to see both the good and bad in people.  The way people were mistreated simply because of the pigment of their skin was horrible.  However, during that time there were several young strong leaders who offered hope to the downtrodden and mistreated. 

Leading the way were John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.  They stood up for what they thought was right and they each lost their lives at a young age because of it. Each one had faithful followers, who believed in their cause and had big hopes for the future.

Those great leaders died and you can visit their graves to this day. We only have their written speeches, videos and our memories of them to help us carry on what they started!

That first “Good” Friday, Jesus followers must have had similar feelings to ours in the 60’s. There was a promising leader, taken from them at a young age. They, too, had hopes of being free from the tyranny of the Roman rulers. Then just like that, He also was taken away, BUT GOD had other plans!

Jesus was alive again just as He said He would be! 

He walked, talked, ate, even was able to be touched! There was no doubt He was alive!  He appeared to not only His disciples but hundreds of others too. How could they possibly keep that a secret? From that point on, the gospel was spread to all the nations, not by the religious leaders, but by everyday people like you and me! Even the Roman soldiers are credited for spreading the gospel as they entered other countries.

Let that sink in. 

The people who had put Jesus to death and had seen Him die that horrible death on that old wooden cross, knew of His resurrection and thought it was important enough to tell others about it!

What about you?

Do you believe He was crucified and died on the cross?  Do you believe that, after 3 days in the grave, He rose from the dead just like He said He would? Do you believe He died for your sins?  Do you believe He is still alive?

If so, isn’t that news worth sharing?  Isn’t that news more important than the latest sports scores? When was the last time you talked to a neighbor, relative, friend or co-worker about your LIVING friend, Jesus, and how much He loves them?  

Do you put your hope in Him? He alone is the one you should look to for guidance.  He alone knows what is true and what is best for you, not rap singers, movie stars, talk show hosts, politicians, Presidents, bosses or even all your “friends” on social media. Earthly leaders live and die.  Jesus is alive and lives forever!

Trust HIM!

Pat Arnold

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