March 25 – Gospel Readthrough – John 9

Read John 9:1-41

Over the years I have gone through several different types of corrective eye lens, contacts, bifocals, trifocals, and transition. Someday, I will probably reach the stage where a cataract will need to be removed because it is clouding my vision.  At times, my “spiritual vison” has gotten a little blurry too, but with Christ’s “corrective lenses,” it has once again become clear.

Jesus corrected many people who were physically blind. They could see the world around them again and often at the same time their spiritual sight was corrected, then they went on to tell friends and family the good news of Christ!

The temple leaders, however, weren’t as lucky.  Often, they were near sighted, only seeing the wrong in other people and pointing out any violation of their manmade laws and restrictions.

Other times they were far sighted.  They only could see the far distant past. They said they were “disciples of Moses” a person they had only read and learned about but never met, while they wished and prayed for the promised Messiah.

Yet, they couldn’t see him standing right there in front of them!

Jesus healed the man of physical blindness!  It was a miracle!  Yet the leaders of the temple, the ones who should have been the most insightful of the things of God, were totally blind to what had just happened! Rather than accepting the truth, they were blinded by hatred and greed. Or maybe it was fear of losing their position in the temple and the prestige that came with it? Whatever it was, their spiritual eyesight was clouded to the truth. In fact, they were so blinded that they went away plotting to have Him put to death!

Spiritual blindness is still alive and well today.  How many stores have been robbed?  How many road rage accidents have happened?   How many marriages have been broken and children abandoned?  How many wars have been fought? All because people, parents, and leaders are blinded by their own greed, fears, hatred, or need for power that they do irrational things and make irrational decisions that they might never do otherwise.

Do you know anyone who needs to have a spiritual eye exam?  Do they question everything that has to do with God?  Maybe they used to go to church when they were younger but got turned off by the rituals and rules that kept them from actually seeing God and His son, Jesus, up close?  

How about you? Do you trust Jesus with your life, your cares, your loved ones? 

Let this be your prayer:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now am found

Pat Arnold

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