March 28 – Gospel Readthrough – John 11

Read John 11:1-57

Anyone who knows me knows I am a crier.  I CRY while looking at old pictures, holding a newborn baby, and attending weddings and graduations (even kindergarten ones). I look at the pride or hurt in peoples’ eyes and my eyes can’t hold the tears back!

I have also WEPT while sitting beside my mom’s bed when she was dying and there wasn’t anything I could do to help her. When I got the news that our daughter’s boyfriend had been killed in a tragic car accident. When my best childhood friend died of liver cancer!


It is recorded in the Bible that He WEPT over the future of Jerusalem and here in the tomb of His dear friend, Lazarus.

According to Google, there are 31,102 verses in the Bible. All of them are important, but none have as much meaning packed in to them as John 11: 35, the shortest one in the entire Bible:

“Jesus wept.”

Why are those words so significant? Three reasons:

  1. Jesus was human.  He had human emotions. He smiled. He frowned. He laughed.  And He wept!  He experienced emotions and can therefore understand OUR heartaches, OUR joys, OUR worries, OUR doubts!
  • Jesus cared.  Not only could He relate to Mary and Martha’s loss but He cared to the point of Himself weeping!  Today He is not willing to walk away from you and just wish you luck or flippantly say, “I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!” He cares about you and is ready to listen and comfort you even in the dead of night!
  • He trusted God.  Even though He could have rushed to Lazarus’ side and cured his illness, He knew God had a much bigger plan!

Sometimes when we are in the midst of the storms of life and we can’t see any way out, we just need to trust that God knows what is best.  Like the lyrics in the Bill and Gloria Gaither song:

“Hold on my child

Joy comes in the morning.
Weeping only last for the night.
Hold on my child

Joy comes in the morning.
The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight!”

And Joy did come that morning when God instructed Jesus to say; “LAZARUS, COME FORTH!”    


God’s power was seen! Life after death was realized! Death had been conquered!

And Satan was defeated AGAIN!

To weep means to express grief or sorrow. Here was Jesus, the SON OF GOD, experiencing sorrow at the loss of His dear friend< Lazarus. Did He hate seeing others in pain? Yes!  Does He know what you are going through when your friend, relative, mother, father, or CHILD dies?  Yes!  He Cares and He is waiting for you to lean on Him and is whispering in your ear, “Hold on my child!”

Are you listening?

Pat Arnold

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